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SEC Will Announce Each Team's Two Additional Opponents in Live Show Friday Night

The Southeastern Conference will announce each of its team's two additional opponents for the 2020 season in a live television special Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern. The league recently announced it would play a 10-game, conference-only schedule this season rather than its usual eight-game conference slate and four non-conference matchups.

I love this idea, but I don't understand why this announcement came two hours before this thing is supposed to air on a Friday night. People have been asking for the SEC to do a show like this since the 10-game announcement came down last week, so it seems like giving people a bit of notice and airing it on literally any day other than Friday would have been a better plan, but it is what it is. SEC fans will tune into anything football-related no matter when it is.

The idea to complete the schedules that had the most traction in the beginning was simply using each team's next two cross-division opponents, which sounds fine and dandy unless you're Florida, who would have drawn Alabama and Texas A&M from the West — and we obviously can't have the Gators playing a tough schedule. So the SEC has supposedly devised some sort of formula based on strength of schedule to determine how the schedule will be filled out. I don't really know how you determine strength of schedule for college teams which have such tremendous turnover every year and haven't played this season, but that's supposed to be what the league came up with.

Personally, I'm all in on a Bachelor-style SEC rose ceremony. We should do this for the SEC schedule every year. This will be electric television.