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Shaq Refuses Stop Shitting On Harrison Barnes, Who Just So Happens To Play For The Team Shaq Owns

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In 2013 Shaq put up some cash and became a part owner of the Kings

Kinda funny considering to this day I'm sure he is still giving Kings fans nightmares from his playing days but that's a whole separate blog. Well, the best part of Shaq owning part of this team is his refusal to learn about any of the players on his roster, mainly Harrison Barnes. You may remember this from right before the hiatus

Poor Harrison Barnes. Guy won a ring in GS, went to Dallas where he was traded DURING A GAME 

ended up in SAC where he just signed a 4/85M extension. You would think as an owner Shaq would know who he is in February. But just like a lot of people out there, there's no chance Shaq is spending one ounce of energy watching the Kings. I'm going to give Shaq the benefit of the doubt and say he's turned this into a bit, because he was back at it last night after the Kings game

Only Shaq and only Inside The NBA. Reason #249732458762345 why this is the greatest show on television. Where else can you find a part owner of a franchise continue to do this to a player on his own team? Not only that, but a player you are paying $85M to! This is why I could watch Shaq on my television for the rest of time. Digging deep and bringing back that bit from February is why he's the best. 

The thing is, Barnes was actually pretty good in this game against the Pelicans!

Unfortunately none of that matters to Shaq and who can blame him. The guy has no fewer than 10,000 businesses, he probably doesn't even realize he still owns the Kings after all these years. I dare you to find me another owner in the league that would do something like this repeatedly and every single time the internet/public loves it. You can't. That's why Shaq is Shaq and there will never be anyone like him ever again. 

But seriously, poor Harrison Barnes.