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Actually Feels Kinda Weird/Crazy To See Them Removing All The "Redskins" Verbiage From The Stadium


I am actually shocked they put this video on the internet. This makes it so much more real. I still get tweets everyday "THEY ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE THE REDSKINS, NATE"...ummm....ya sure about that my guy? Maybe that's why they did put up this video, to show them permanently erasing the logo, the word "Redskins", HTTR, and seemingly everything else possible from the walls in Ashburn. 

And their response to the people who hate this video?



And there ya go. I'm sort of proud of them in a way, they are certainly not half-assing this. When Snyder claimed he was committed to changing the culture, I guess someone got in his ear and was like dude, you can't just say that, we have to actually do it. I thought for sure we'd see a bunch of half-assed propaganda bullshit, but they really are committed to the overhaul.


But then again, people are SUCH fucking babies about it. Like holy shit, can you find something else to prioritize besides crying over a team name?

(I was going to put in tweets of people crying but I don't want to embarrass anyone, it's just....let's relax for a second. Nobody died. It's a team name. And the new look for this season is awesome.)

Yes it's a bit strange, but it'll take about a month to get used to and then we'll all move on. And if you legit won't cheer for them anymore because they dropped a skin color as a nickname...but you were supporting the team through 2 decades of Snyder's reign, well, just sleep on that.