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The Washington Football Team's New Helmet Design Is Objectively Awesome


More and more I am convinced they should fully adopt the "Washington Football Team" name full time and forget about changing it to something else. I love Red Wolves. So many amazing fan designs have come out of the push for Red Wolves. But then I see those helmets and think damn, those are slick. I love the throwback vibe to them. And the more I think about it, rooting for a team is not even about the nickname at all. You root for the players and the city, and in the case of the team formerly known as the Redskins, you root for the burgundy and gold. Which is why I love the idea of keeping it Washington Football Team (though "Club" rolls off the tongue a lot smoother to be honest). It's unique to American sports. In Europe every soccer team is the XXXX football club. You represent your city. The fans go nuts for their hometown club. Bringing that to the NFL would be awesome. These helmets have me sold on that.

When we do become the Red Wolves I'll be happy as well. It'll be a much-needed rebrand and the possibilities for Red Wolves merch will be endless. NWO, New Washington Order, holy shit it's going to be sweet. But don't sleep on Washington Football Team. If Red Wolves isn't a possibility, I vote they keep it as is.