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The University of Georgia Is Pulling Out All the Stops to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

With school set to start in just a couple weeks, it appears the University of Georgia is doing everything in its power to make sure coronavirus doesn't stand a chance this fall — assuming everything in its power is using various forms of tape.

You simply can't put up a plexiglass sheet held up with two pieces of painters' tape at a podium and expect that to protect anybody. We saw a similar situation at Purdue, but at least that one was head-to-toe and looked interesting.

The professors at UGA look like they're on a construction site waiting for the window installation guys to come do something with that sheet of glass. And then we have the very cautious measures taken with the water fountains and bathrooms, where tape is just sort of placed wherever people are supposed to avoid.

As I said when the Purdue professor tweeted the picture of their impenetrable plexiglass shield, either re-open or don't. College kids are not going to do anything to stop the spread of coronavirus and there are going to be positive cases. You just have to be ok with that risk.

And my guess is the sheet of glass held up with painters' tape at the professors' podiums isn't making them feel much safer anyway. I get that these schools have to look like they're doing something, but if that's the case, you should probably do better than a spare window you had lying around taped to a desk.