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Purdue Professor Shows Off Advanced Safety Device School Will Use to Keep Everyone Healthy on Campus (It's Plexiglass)

Well if a piece of plexiglass won't stop the novel coronavirus from spreading at a university with more than 30,000 undergraduate students, I don't know what will.

Purdue Associate Professor of History David Atkinson shared on Twitter what is apparently the university's answer to keeping professors safe when students return to campus this fall. I actually love the, "Why can't we just print more money?" approach employed here.

"Why can't we just stick the professors behind a piece of plexiglass covered in plastic wrap?"

I'm not staunchly pro- or anti-opening colleges again in the fall, but if you're going to re-open, then you have to just come out and say you're accepting whatever risks accompany that. College kids are not going to social distance and they're not going to wear masks when they don't have to. The ragers in frat basements will go on.

There are going to be positive cases, so you have to just assess if you're willing to bear that risk. And if you are, then great; re-open. But putting professors behind a piece of glass and trying to legislate 18- to 22-year-olds doing what they're going to do over the course of four months isn't going to yield any results.

Teaching behind that thing looks fun, though. It's like a bionic exoskeleton of learning.