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Is Pretending To Rob A Bank Considered A Funny Prank Or A Felony?

Ahh. A good ole fashion "prank" gone wrong. Why does it seems like all of these YouTube "pranks" go wrong? Specifically, the ones where it's not a prank at all and just someone being a dickhead so that a couple million 11-year-olds will laugh and buy their shitty hoodie. You have to respect the hustle but at the same time fuuuuuuck those people.

A perfect example of terrible pranks is that rat fuck Joshy (aka crocs kid). Spilling a full tub of cereal on an NYC subway during the peak of a global pandemic, making food in class to "surprise" classmates (everyone's in on it. It's staged), the list goes on and on. None of the "pranks" are actually funny, they just get likes for the shock factor. I mean, how many fucking times can you make food during a "lecture" (again, it's clearly staged) before people get sick of it. Apparently a million times.

sidenote - I refuse to link any of that bastard's Tik Toks on here so if you wanna see what I'm talking about you'll have to find them on your own.

But that's what the prank game is nowadays, shock factor. Long gone are the days of placing a hilariously large whoopi cushion on a chair so that your mom sits on it and grounds you for ruining dinner. The prank game has changed.


Twin brothers popular on YouTube for videos featuring pranks were charged Wednesday with masquerading as bank robbers, prompting emergency calls to Irvine police.

Alan and Alex Stokes of Irvine, both 23, were each charged with a felony count of false imprisonment and a misdemeanor count of false reporting an emergency.

Believe it or not, robbing a bank is heavily frowned upon. Personally, I don't get the appeal of trying to steal money from a place specifically designed to prevent such a thing but different strokes for different folks, I suppose. 

…the twins dressed in black with ski masks and carried duffle bags stuffed with cash, masquerading as bank robbers, according to Kimberly Edds, a spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

Ahh. I see. Here I was thinking that these kids went into the bank with airsoft guns or something and actually tried holding up the place as a prank. Hindsight is 20/20. This isn't so bad. It's certainly not great but a lot better than the alternative. One could argue there's a drastic difference between faking a hostage situation and running with a duffle bag. 

Nonetheless, when you put yourself in a, quite frankly, very unnecessary position that makes you look like a criminal, you deserve everything that comes to you. If shock factor was the route they wanted to go, surely there's a better option than pretending like you just committed a rather large felony. 

"Do anything for clout" -Offset

The biggest question here is why? Why put yourself in this position? Views are everything - everyone knows that - but you're telling me there were no better alternatives? Obviously people were gonna freak out and call the police. It makes you wonder if they planned for that or not. Like was having to deal with the police something they just accepted? If so, these kids should just be thrown in real jail because that's fucked. At that point, you might as well just rob a real bank. Stop being pussies about it and just go full out amirite. 

All in all, pulling off these "pranks" is probably not the best idea. Perhaps we should revert back to the old days of hand zappers and prank calls. Maybe even work in a ding dong ditch in there, who knows. Just something that won't involve having to deal with legal ramifications. Stick to the classics.

PS - remember ding dong ditching? What a rush. Sadly, I don't think many kids partake these days.