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FYI: A Mystery Man Is Pooping On Cars In Philadelphia

Scrolling Philadelphia Reddit in the mornings is part of my usual wakeup routine and it rarely disappoints. Today's scroll featured its fair share of videos where folks fearless of disease are swimming in the swollen Schuylkill River & flooded streets, but the one that really caught my eye was Fishtown's mystery car pooper

"He poops on your grill and then sticks two napkins on it."  

Well thank God they're only talking about a car grill & that there appears to be leads: 

Giphy Images.

In closing, here's a couple other recent Philly gems from that page that made my day:

Though I'd say a Reese's Puffs car would actually be the #1 BEST CEREAL car, that's still pretty damn sweet. Anyways, if you live in that neighborhood be sure to keep your sunroof closed & happy Wednesday to all!