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What The Hell Should "I Apologize To Melo" For?!?!?

Twitter isn't the real world. It's a bubble. I know this. However, this whole "apologize to Melo" thing? It needs to STOP. 



It's everywhere! On our main account! On Trysta's account! On Brandon Newman's account!

Let's talk about Carmelo Anthony's performance for the 31-38 Portland Trail Blazers!

-Of players that have played at least 10 games for the Blazers this year, Carmelo ranks 9th in on/off-court +/- thanks to the Blazers being 0.2 points worse than their opponent when he's on the floor. When Hassan Whiteside is on the floor, the Blazers are 1.7 points better than their opponent. Damian Lillard? 1.2. Rodney Hood? 0.4 points better.

-Yeah, but Jack! He's been balling in the bubble! Has he, though? The Blazers have now played 3 games in the bubble. When Carmelo Anthony is on the floor, the Blazers have been 4 points worse than their opponent. When he's been off the floor? The Blazers have been 7 points better than their opponent. 

-Of players that have played at least 900 minutes this season, there are only 2 players with a lower WAR than Carmelo Anthony. That's a sample of 250 players. You understand how bad that is? He has a WAR of -2.2. That's disgustingly bad. His plus/minus according to 538 is -5.2. That is 5th worst in the league.

-Carmelo's BPM is -3.7. That's 9th worse in the league this year. 

I could go on and on. There's really no point, because I'll just be told that I don't understand basketball, blah blah blah blah blah. It breaks my heart to write this blog, because Carmelo may be my favorite NBA player of all time. For a decade, he was one of the best 20-30 players in the league (2005-2016). Now? He just isn't good. The game has past him by and the rhetoric on Twitter that we should apologize to him? For what? 

Carmelo will always be one of the most entertaining players of all time, on and off the court. He's so loveable. I think he's hilarious. His belief that winning 3 gold medals equals an NBA championship is truly one of the funniest storylines in sports. I'll look back on Carmelo as a great basketball player. The stats support that too. However, right now? The golden years aren't treating him well.