Derby Day Drink in DC Is Right Around The Corner - Come Day Drink, Play Bar Games, And Win Prizes At Penn Social On Saturday



Guess what? Saturday May 2nd is right around the corner, and that means Barstool is taking over Penn Social in DC. The Caps game will be on, The Derby will be on, the Bud Lights and Stellas will be flowing, and the weather will be awesome. Really no reason not to day drink your heart off at Penn Social. There will be prizes and drink specials and I will be challenging whoever wants to play Foosball to as many games as they want to lose. I’m also really good at cornhole so come prepared to lose at that too. Might just do an entire bar games Olympics.

I mean this bar is fucking awesome. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely the time to gather up the crew and head over, or come alone and hang out with me. Either way, should be a good time.

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It’s at Penn Social on Saturday. Come on out and have a good time.


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