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The Caps Lost A Pre-Real Playoffs, Post-Exhibition-Pre-Playoffs Game, But Sorta Still A Playoff Game In A Shootout


I think I nailed that title. This game is before the real playoffs, but after the exhibition warm up games before the playoffs, but it's not technically the playoffs right now, but it's not technically not either. That's where we're at. These round robin games where the stats count towards postseason stats, but you still end games with 3 on 3 and then a shootout. If you lose every round robin game, you're still in the playoffs, because the real ones haven't technically started yet. 

It was a fun ass game though. Felt great to be watching the Caps in a game that (sorta?) matters. Both teams were playing like it was life and death, that's for sure. A little rust here and there, Oshie dropped the mitts, and there was a ton of hitting going on. They definitely did not wade into the shallow end, both teams were fired up to be out there.

But then it ended in a shootout so who knows what to take away from it. Caps played much better as the game went on, that's for sure. I know a lot of us had hesitations about the playoffs without fans, but so far so good from my vantage point. Will never say a bad word when these players who are out there giving it their everything thousands of miles from their families. 

Still weird to lose a playoff game in a shootout, but I'd prefer that than them doing 3 OTs in a playoff game that doesn't technically count as the playoffs but technically counts as the playoffs.