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Egypt Goes On The Record Officially And Tells Elon Musk That The Pyramids Were NOT Built By Aliens

So this all started with just a fun tweet on Friday after Elon Musk was getting high and watching Ancient Aliens

I mean, duh. Spot the lie

People want us to believe that we went from hitting each other the head with rocks and just eating food off the ground to building this…

seemingly overnight with no real tools or hydraulics. That there just built by a guy with a protractor and like 50,000 Jewish slaves? Sorry, I am not buying that line no matter what the official Egyptian Ministry says about them 

 I am sure her sources are great. I am sure there are ancient texts interpreted that show the Pharaohs had them designed and built. Here is the thing that I always get stuck on when people claim that the Pyramids were made by man. 1) that shit was heavy. That's it. That's my entire argument. Look at those rocks. They're fucking HUGE. Building something like that in 2020 would be really fucking hard. I am supposed to believe that a bunch of people just pulling ropes and using their tiny bodies and tiny brains just dreamed that up out of nowhere? Sorry, pals. When you stack things up, I think I am taking aliens. I am more likely to believe that the ancient Egyptians were actually born from Aliens. The could've been Nephilim. Virtually ANY explanation makes more sense to me than small people just stacking giant rocks on each other that are astrologically aligned and 4000 years ahead of their time. Like this one…it was some sort of power source

Was it aliens making weird hydrogen plants? Prove that it wasn't…You can't