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The Orioles Sweep The Rays For Their First Sweet Since 2018 And Are Rolling

What a difference a few days makes, it also helps that the Yankees got out of town. After getting run off the field in Game 1 vs the Yankees, the Os had the Yankees down late with a chance to snap a 3,480 game losing streak to New York. We know how that ended, Aaron Judge it a ball that hasn't landed yet. Whatever, flush it and move on. Tampa came into town, projected to be one of the top teams in the AL. But that's why you play the game.

Baltimore completed their first sweep since 2018 (!!!) and they decided to make some history in the process. 

Saturday night the Orioles turned the very first inning starting double play in baseball history. Fly out to the outfield with Choi getting thrown out at third in extras, just like our forefathers would have wanted. They went on to win Saturday night's game in 11 thanks to Pat Valaika and we got our first taste of walk off cellys in 2020. Can't stop watching. 

Sunday was more of the same. Dongs, good pitching, Rays strikeouts, and 0 walks from the pitching staff. Orioles set a team record with their 5th straight game of 10 Ks or more, and like I mentioned, they didn't walk anyone. Crazy what happens when you don't hand out free passes all over. Even with the bullpen blowing a 3-run lead late on Saturday, the bullpen has pitched pretty well, especially after moving Richard Bleier to Miami, and some guy named Cole Sulser notching his third save. 

I know it's early as shit, and it's the Orioles. But I don't think anyone expected a 5-3 record, good for 3rd best in the AL, after 8 games against Boston, New York, and Tampa. Especially when you realize they faced Cole, Snell, and Glasnow, and won 2/3 of those. Tampa may be struggling now, but they're a damn good team. Again, I know it's the Orioles, and they still may struggle to get to 20 wins, but there is no team having more fun in baseball right now. 

Who knows what the Orioles schedule will be this week, they're supposed to play 4 games against Miami in 3 days, but thats not taking into consideration the Hurricane barreling down on the East Coast. We also have 0 idea how many new Covid cases will pop up with those pesky Marlins. Could the Orioles mess around, sweeps the Marlins too? Do I dare say 9-3? Forget Kumar Rocker, the Orioles may be buyers in a few weeks. Hasn't been a very good week here in Baltimore, but the ball club is balling out right now.

PS. Shout out Hanser Alberto, guy is a hitting machine. Jose Iglesias too. Iglesias has missed some games but is still 10/19 with a cool .526 average. Alberto is raking right now, a .429 average, and .667 against lefties. LOLOLOL.