It Turns Out Yoenis Cespedes Wasn't At Today's Game Vs. The Braves Because He Opted Out Of The Season But Didn't Tell The Mets

I thought I saw it all as a Mets fan. Shit, this isn't even the first time a Met ghosted on his team considering Matt Harvey did that just a few years ago. But Yo Cespedes just up and cuncelling da saeson without letting his team know is new territory even for Mets fans. I don't even blame Yo one bit for not wanting to risk getting sick, especially as his team finds a new way to not only lose but embarrass itself on a daily basis. I'd have baseball laxity if I was playing on a team that can't hit, pitch, or field. But maybe just giving the team that paid you millions of dollars a quick heads up before packing up your shit and heading back to whatever house you have filled with non-horses. You don't really owe them more than that. But a simple phone call, email, or even text would have gone a long way considering every human with a job on the planet pretty much does that to their employer, even if your boss is a chucklehead named Jeff Wilpon  

Honestly, between the Yo news, today's shitfest in Atlanta, Jed Lowrie getting placed on the 99999999 Day IL, and the Mets trading their 14th rated prospect for a player they could have signed for cash both last year and this year is too much to recap in a blog. So here's the We Gotta Believe postgame show, which has officially been rebranded from In The Books to Mets Fans Anonymous. 

I have officially cuncelled da Mets until new ownership takes over this clown operation.