A Brouhaha Broke Out On An Airplane Because Two Guys Refused To Wear A Mask On A Flight To Ibiza

I'm gonna have to run this by Big Tony Fauci or at least my primary care physician. But I'm pretty sure fucking someone up to the point they are leaking blood, snot, tears, and spit inside of a giant tin can full of recycled air for not wearing a mask isn't the best way to prevent the spread of a contagious virus. Again, I am merely a blogger without a medical degree or a blogging degree. But I think the passengers upset about the guy refusing the wear a mask didn't think things through before turning his face into a pinata dropping every human fluid possible from the waist-up. 

I completely understand that Team Mask Vs. Team No Mask has become an explosive war that floods the internet streets with a zillion videos everyday and we all could use to blow off a little steam after months in quarantine. But trying to pummel a dude to death on the WAY to Ibiza defeats the whole point of paying for a trip to Ibiza. If you still want to bash someone's brains in on the way home from Ibiza, I get it. Encourage it even. One of the worst feelings in the world is returning back to your shitty life from a great vacation where you are more tired than when you left and I am saying that as a Poor who has never gone to a fancy place like Ibiza that at the very least sounds like a fun ass place.

Airlines should allow brawls to determine who gets to board the plane first in order to get that aggression out and give people something to watch while waiting in the airport. Forget all that weird boarding by zones that nobody listens to as a giant blob of people who may or may not be waiting in line form. Just let everyone tossing elbows and dirty looks while waiting to board to duke it out in a pre-flight fight club. Winners go on first, losers second, and non-combatants last on what should be a peaceful flight home since all the hardos are petered out from fighting before entering the plane.