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Friday Cryday: Lets Watch Mike Golic Jr. Tearfully Talk About His Dad During Golic’s Last Day On Radio

I think a lot of us wouldn’t mind the emotional pressure valves releasing some steam after everything this year has dealt us and that video should do the trick for most of us. Say what you want about ESPN, and we’ve said plenty on this here website. But there are some pretty decent people on that mothership of lies and I think it’s safe to say Mike Golic is one of them. As relatable a guy as a former NFL player with the dream job of millions can be. Greenie was the fancy neighbor greeting you every morning after playing tennis with a sweater tied around his waist while Golic was your dad that may have overserved himself at the all you can eat breakfast buffet. 

As a son that spent his childhood working with his dad, I can confirm just how special it can be doing that if you have a good relationship with your pops. And as a dad, I can tell you if I ever get 1/10th of an emotional speech from my son one day, I’ll know I’ve done my part as a father avoiding all the Cats In The Cradle bullshit that comes with a job. Granted at this point I’m just happy if my son lets me sit on the same couch as him. But still, full blown waterworks from the whole family during your last day at a job has to hurt so good. I won’t even try to figure out why ESPN is willfully moving a guy like that off their airwaves since they willfully moved Big Cat, PFT, and Hank off their airwaves too as the worldwide leader continues to let the rest of the pack catch up.

Also as someone with two little kids that I can believe are already five and two years old, this may or may not have fucked me up a bit. Damn I hate getting older and lamer.