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We Didn't Make It Two Games Before Kenny Smith Made Strip Club Wing Jokes And Charles Barkley Threatened 'To Put This Size 17 Up Your Ass'

Goddamn have I missed this. There's no better show on television than these four right here. They are perfect together. Ernie Johnson knows exactly how to sit back and let them go at each other, egg them on a bit and then reel them all in. Barkley isn't afraid to say whatever the damn well he wants and then you have him and Shaq fighting each other at all times. But hearing Barkley say he was going to stick his size 17 shoe up Kenny Smith's ass made me feel alive. I've missed falling asleep listening to the postgame show. I've missed the halftime show being more entertaining than games at times. I've missed Charles Barkley. 

I fully expect strip club wing jokes every night. It's what's going to happen, but no one was more excited than Kenny Smith to drop the 'legs and thighs' line. Correction, the only person that was more excited what Chuck to say 'we call them flappers.' I could listen to these guys break down strip club wings for an hour as Ernie sits uncomfortable trying to get them to talk actual basketball. 

Best show on television.