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Tom Thibodeau, A Man Who Has Never Lied His Entire Life, Says New York Is Synonymous With Winning And Championships

Did I want Thibs to be the Knicks head coach? Nope. I wanted a young assistant, but he's not Jason Kidd and he's our guy now, so it's time to mount up. Ride or die with Thibs as he plays guys 43 minutes a game and refuses to develop the young guys as much as we all want. Those are complaints that will happen at a later date though. Today is all about his introductory press conference: 

More importantly that quote about New York being synonymous with winning and championships. You know who has won a playoff game more recently than the Lakers? That's right. The Knicks. So if you think the Lakers are this beautiful, championship franchise, well you're going to have to fight Thibs then I guess. The man is here to remind you of all those winning times. Remember 1999? 

What about 1994? 

Not every franchise can make 2 Finals appearances since 1994. 

This goddamn franchise. Whatever, let's go Thibs or whatever.