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America’s Vets Dog Stops By My House To Spread Awareness

Recently, I had the pleasure to meet with the America’s Vet Dogs Foundation. Right now they put together a virtual 5k race to raise money for Their cause. It was an honor to talk to Manny a combat Marine Corp Veteran whose life has been impacted by the America Vet Dog foundation. In this video he shows how his dog knows when he is feeling down and out. I talked to him off camera after and he just says his dog Oscar is there for him all the time and it just really helps his mental state and overall well being. Manny is a hero. They are sponsoring a virtual 5k run/2k dog walk to raise money for the program. 

I also was able to talk to the trainer and it was really cool to see it all come full circle and what everyone’s job is to get these dogs ready and how great the foundation is. Obviously I’m not the best person that can speak on this but make sure to listen to Zero Blog Thirty where Chaps, Kate and Cons all Veterans have touched on this topic as well. Thanks to Americas Vet Dogs for helping me learn about this and go check out and maybe even sign up for the 5k to help the cause.