It Doesn't Even Feel Real That The NBA Season Will Be Back Tomorrow

It's been 140 days since we all watched an NBA basketball game that actually counted. There were times during the hiatus where it felt like it would never end. Days blended together, I don't even remember the month of April, and the whole thing seems like a blur. There were times where a potential return was still up in the air and one of the more intriguing seasons was in jeopardy. Then Keith Smith wrote that article about putting the bubble in Orlando, the NBA actually did it, and through the first few weeks it is working like a charm. Another round of negative tests, the scrimmage games were actually pretty good and definitely helped scratch the basketball itch

and now we've made it through. I don't even care that we've had to get through 140 days now that I know we only have one more sleep left until things start back up again. This was a day nobody could say for certain would actually come, but you have to give credit to Adam Silver and the league. Up until this point they've absolutely nailed this restart. From the restrictions to the testing to the on court product it's been even better than you could have imagined given the unique circumstances. 

I can't lie, seeing baseball start back up again with their regular season had me a little jealous. The fact that things are so close in both conferences means that every single one of these reseeding game is going to matter. It technically isn't the playoffs but my guess is they are going to very much feel like playoff games. I'm interested to see what the league does with the in game production as well since we didn't see much of it during the scrimmages. There have been some pretty big moments happen in these scrimmages that didn't feel quite as awesome because it was dead silent. That's going to stink in a playoff game if that isn't adjusted so I want to see that they've cooked up. 

I'm sure there will be hardos in the comments of this blog talking about how nobody cares about the NBA and blah blah blah. Unfortunately for those people there is nothing they can do to bring me down right now. This is about to be the craziest most unpredictable playoff push we've ever had. The NBA playoffs without homecourt is a big deal. Pretty much every team is 100% healthy and ready to roll. If that doesn't get your blood pumping I'm not sure you're even alive right now. 

We get Zion and LAL/LAC in basically 24 hours. In games that count. One more sleep, that's it. You can do it.