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If You Eat Or Even Think About Eating A Hot Dog Rice Krispie Treat, You Are Simply The Grossest Human To Ever Live

What the fuck, man. Here I was enjoying my morning coffee, writing about Ochocinco taking Viagra and then I see this shit? Why? Why do we have to ruin everything? You know how you make a Rice Krispie treat better? Throw some M&M's in there. Maybe chocolate chips. That's all you need. We don't need to reinvent the wheel with every goddamn thing in the world man. Hot dogs on their own, fine. Rice Krispie Treats on their own, delicious. WE DON'T NEED TO COMBINE THE TWO.

So quite simply, if you eat these. If you even think about eating these, you are the grossest human to ever walk this Earth. Look at that picture, it's fucking disgusting. There's not one thing that looks appetizing about it. Even if that was just a regular ass hot dog that's disgusting. Stop using ketchup. A little cheese, some spicy mustard, maybe some chili, that's all you need on a dog. You don't need to dress up a dog too much. 

As a society we need to get back to the basics. Stop combining food. Stop putting this shit on Twitter or any other place. Dogs go in buns, M&M's/chocolate chips go in Rice Krispie Treats. THAT'S IT.