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Benches Cleared In The Dodgers Astros Game As Joe Kelly Went Head Hunting For Alex Bregman And Carlos Correa And Taunted Them Walking Off The Mound

OH BABY!!! Astros Dodgers tonight and you thought a global pandemic would stop the hate between these two? Not a fucking chance. Joe Kelly entered the game and had absolutely zero control of his fastball. He told the Section 10 boys once that he actually doesn't know where his pitches are going when he releases them. 

Obviously can't be sure there's intent here, but things got a little bit interesting after Bregman was buzzed. Joe Kelly also yawned after the pitch which is objectively hilarious. 3-0 pitch, the yawn, nobody on. Kinda adds up. 

After Brantley reached base that prompted someone from the Astros dugout to scream "Get on the mound motherfucker!" This was a strong "motherfucker" I might add. 

Some were saying this was Dusty Baker's voice, others said it was the first base coach. Either way the Astros were not pleased with Joe Kelly's command. You could feel things were about to blow. Then he did this. I have a feeling this one was on purpose even if it was a slider. 

Kelly then struck out Correa to end the inning and taunted him as he walked off the mound saying "nice swing bitch." Supposedly he mouthed to Correa "you have to cheat to hit" as he was headed to the Dodgers dugout and then told Correa to shut the fuck up. What a fucking hero. Dude is actually out of his mind. 

Benches cleared as the broadcast went to commercial. Great job FOX!!!

Nothing really happened because well…we're in a global pandemic and we just can't have brawls right now, but man did it get my heart racing. Joe Kelly doesn't give a fuck. The game is still going on so who knows if we'll get anymore fireworks, but it's nice to see a global pandemic won't stop the Astros from getting head hunted (even if it was unintentional). My heart was beating 10000 mph during that whole sequence. What an adrenaline rush. Sports are back. Also, Correa is such a punk ass bitch I hate him more and more every time they show his face. He just wants to cry cry cry. 

Weirdest part of tonight, I think I love Joe Kelly now? Couldn't stand this guy on the Sox, but holy moly has he won me over tonight. I really wish coronavirus wasn't a thing because we would've had a fight to the death on the field otherwise. Fucking corona.