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Colombian Cycling Team Wears Flesh-Colored Uniforms That Make It Look Like They're Naked

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Mirror- The Colombian women’s cycling team have gone all Brazilian it seems – judging by the latest unveiling of their sporty strip. Nobody seemed to notice the huge fashion faux-pas of the new women’s kit until the blunder was laid out bare for all to see. As the six athletes took to the stage in their red and yellow team colours, all eyes were drawn to the unusual nude-coloured cloth used around their groin areas. Perhaps this was a publicity stunt to thrust the ladies into the cycling world limelight or just an innocent oversight by an over-enthusiastic designer? Either way, the women looked like slightly cringeworthy as the team were made to show-off more than their cycling assets. Let’s hope the camel-toe victims didn’t get the hump too badly.

So that tweet above calls those uniforms worn by the Colombian cycling team “a genuine disaster” and they couldn’t be more wrong.  Because you know what we wouldn’t be talking about right now or today if they weren’t wearing uniforms that made it look like their vaginas are flapping in the wind for all to see?  The Colombian cycling team.  The person who made this knew exactly what they were doing.  Nobody gives a fuck about cycling.  Nobody.  Unless Lance Armstrong is involved then people in America don’t give two shits about people riding bikes long distance.  If we’re not dominating then we don’t care.  And even then we could take it or leave it.  Even the people involved in cycling can’t care all that much.  But slap on a few flesh-colored uniforms on some ladies and all of the sudden news outlets and blogs are talking about them.  Beer companies have basically made their living on the basis on of Guys Like Almost-Naked Women.  Savvy.  Super duper savvy.  And it’s women’s cycling on top of everything else.  It doesn’t take a marketing wiz to know that’s not putting asses in the seats.  Uniforms that look like we’re watching naked girls ride bikes puts asses in the seats every time.  I’ll watch a seemingly naked woman do just about anything.  Except open a pickle jar.