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The Kansas City Royals Used a Seven Outfielder Shift Against Miguel Cabrera

It does not appear the Kansas City Royals were worried about Miguel Cabrera dropping down a bunt or legging out an infield single last night, as they put all seven defenders behind the pitcher in the outfield. In the video above, first baseman Ryan O'Hearn is barely on the infield dirt, but he did move back into the grass at one point.

I love the shift. Left-handed shifts, right-handed shifts, seven outfielder shifts. I love them all. It's the ultimate "prove it" move.

If you don't like teams putting three guys to the right side of second base, learn how to bunt or hit the ball the other way. The olds get upset at how data-driven baseball is now, but I genuinely don't understand any argument that is against the use of all the information teams have at their disposal. If you know a guy hits 85 percent of his groundballs to his pull side, why in the world would you not put your defense there?

I must say, however, I don't think I've ever seen seven guys in the outfield grass before. But if you know you have a guy incapable of legging one out and hits the ball hard, just go ahead and back those guys up. It obviously worked out just how the Royals hoped it would.