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I Found The Guy Dave's Been Copying In His Pizza Reviews

It pains me to have to do this. The last thing I want to do right now is call out someone within the Barstool world for being a fraud, but right is right and I need to set the record straight. This blog contains HARD EVIDENCE that Dave Portnoy, aka El Presidente is STEALING the schtick of a hard working Philadelphia man who also reviews pizza. 

I'm talking of course about the Youtube channel Love from the Glove and his famous pizza pie reviews. Sure, it might look like a big coincidence at first, but through a detailed look at the facts, it's clear; Dave Portnoy has been stealing this man's schtick on the internet.

The evidence is deep and nuanced, so strap in.

Stealing of locations/thoughts

This was one of the first pieces of evidence that piqued my interest. The Glove (a Manayunk-lifer) clearly had the idea to do pizza reviews in Wilkes-Barre first and he has the family ties to prove it. Dave, meanwhile, has probably been imploring our best engineers to hack into The Glove's phone to steal his locations, ideas, probably his whole life.

Appropriating the "common man" image

The Glove just plainly lays it out in this one. El Pres is a millionaire with Hollywood Friends and Glove is sitting there, just a little Joe with a family to feed in the mouth. There's salt of the earth and there are big wigs that exclusively use pink Himalayan table salt and I know who I want my pizza reviewed by.

Usage of catch phrases

Sure Dave has made a fortune off of catch phrases like "Alright Frankie" and "One Bite, Everyone Knows The Rules", but did you ever wonder where he got the idea to brand a slogan? That's right, Mr. Slice of Action himself, The Glove was the forefather of having a simple saying, a hook/verbal cue to Pavlovianly train his viewer. Another notch for the Glove. 

Direct pilfering of terminology like "flop"

Dave is even stealing vernacular from this guy? For shame. Glove uses unctuous, descriptive terminology like "flop" so beautifully that you can damn near taste the pizza flaccidly flopping against your cheek. Then El Pres boosts the lingo and drives it into the ground so any Tom, Bill or Bob amateur pizza reviewer can use it. For shame.

Random guests in reviews

One of the best things about the One Bite Pizza Reviews are the random guests that pop up in every interview. Ever wonder where he got the idea? Well Glove has been folding in random, totally not planned, guests into his reviews since his early days breaking down the art of the pie. A true man of the people.

Reviewing food other than pizza

This weekend Dave was waxing poetic about chocolate chip cookies. Another page out of the Glove's playbook, a man who has tried everything from cheesesteak to chickens sandwiches. "A slice of action" turns to "a steak of action" or "bite of action" and the master goes to work. 

Going on the road to review pizzas

Whenever Dave goes on the road, he's eating pies and sampling the local wares. The Glove, much like the Simpsons, was the first one there to the punch and everything else is an imitation. If you were a fan of Dave going to California, Florida or Nantucket to eat pizza, I have some shocking news for you; you're actually a fan of the Glove. 

So there it is. The facts laid plain. I'm happy I could shed some light on the situation, but sad I had to remove the veil of illusion that's been clouding everyone's vision.