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Get A Load Of This Florida Man Casually Cartwheeling Away From Police

Cartwheels are a great mystery to me. It could be the fact that I'm far too flimsy and unathletic - the body of a pre-pubescent boy - to ever dream of performing one. Who even needs a cartwheel anyway? Cheerleaders? Super athlete soccer players who bust out cartwheels into backflips as a casual goal celebration, making me and most people watching feel very self-conscious about eating a sleeve of Oreos at 10 am because it's tradition? Well, whoever cartwheels are intended for can go fuck themselves. I don't want to do your stupid move anyways.


A Florida man was caught on camera trying to evade arrest — by cartwheeling away from the police.

The now-viral footage shows the gymnastics enthusiast blocking the path of a truck at a Wawa in Orlando, by doing a flip in the middle of the roadway.

Officers took him down for apparently blocking traffic, but the man was able to wiggle out of their grasp.

He then launched into a cartwheel — but didn’t get very far.

There must be something fucky in the Florida water.

If you're out in the streets, blocking cars, doing cartwheels for no good reason; the punishment should be greater than anything. You could actually argue that it's fair game for the truck that he was blocking just hits him. Maybe not a full-on collision, more of a little love tap. Just something to let him know know "hey, you're an asshole but I don't wanna get charged with manslaughter".

There have also certainly been more effective ways of avoiding a police officer. Should've run or something. At the same time, you can't teach that type of flair (unless, of course, you're some sort of gymnastics teacher that specializes in cartwheel education - a life I wish I could live). The absolute cheek to just keep cartwheeling whilst the police are trying to detain you is honestly a power move. 

The best part about the whole video is that he somehow slips the cop and KEEPS CARTWHEELING. Doesn't even hesitate. Just gets straight back into his rhythm. I haven't seen this type of dedication to the cartwheel game since Creed made it his New Years Resolution. 

Was this his game plan all along? Cartwheel till ya can't cartwheel no more? Not sure, all I know is that this man has almost completely changed my opinions on cartwheels. A smarter lesser man would've abandoned the cartwheel game after escaping the police officer's grasp and went straight to running away, not this guy. He stuck to his guns. Albeit to no avail but he stuck by what he knew. Cartwheeling.

It makes you wonder why he was cartwheeling in the first place. Is cartwheeling just this man's escape from reality? Does it transform him into some greater being? Sadly, I do not have those answers but all I know is that if I ever (hopefully not) have a run-in with law enforcement, I might have to break this move out. Hopefully, it doesn't go as poorly as this though. Fuck, I might have to train my cartwheels now.

PS - zero percent chance i practice cartwheeling.