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LET' cautiously optimistic? I love Taylor Swift, but Reputation and whatever that last bubble gum album was that she put out were not good. I want RED Taylor. I want 1989 Taylor. Give me Tim McGraw. I want that good good. Not some reinvented, Kardashians in her head, bad girl bullshit. I want the goods. These are the goods

I'll ALWAYS give Taylor a chance. Need this one to deliver because we NEED new music. She is bringing a FAT album

Vinyl? 16 tracks? Talk dirty to me, Tay. 

Taylor giving us an album in an hour of need. What a fucking queen. I also LOVE that she's doing it right in the middle of the Kardashian Kanye Calmye drama. She knows grudges and spite. She's out for blood. #TaylorWasRight