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Mark Davis Has Life All Figured Out


Man, I felt that. Truly, deep down, I felt that. I don't want to get too philosophical here, but it shows that no matter if you're you, me, or a billionaire owner, we all hurt. We all fight through things. And we all have our own comfort food to get over our saddest of times. Mine? M&Ms. Peanut and peanut butter M&Ms, the latter of which are vastly underrated. They are better than Reece's Pieces, and I LOVE Reece's Pieces. Reese makes spectacular pieces. My other go-to is a shit ton of BBQ. A pulled pork sandwich with brisket nachos on the side. Mac and cheese sometimes as well, depends on how much time I have to shit my brains out over the next 3 days. I play that one by ear. Long road trip ahead? Hold off on the mac and cheese. Another day of blogging from home? Bring it on baby. 

And Mark Davis is no different when he finds out the NFL chose the Rams and Chargers over the Raiders. He dwells, he eats lunch at PF Chang's on Monday, and then he's on to Cincinnati. 

Never forget that he is the King of PF Changs, after all.



What an absolute beauty of a man.




PS: I can't believe this was over 2 years ago now when I met the man I will model the rest of my life after, minus the amazing head of hair.