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The Nuggets Started 7-Footer Nikola Jokic At Point Guard Today Just So Everyone Could Watch 7'2" Bol Bol Dominate His First NBA Game

All things considered this is the most outrageous starting-5 graphic of all time. Sure go ahead and move Nikola Jokic to point guard, why not? The dude can pass, he lost a bunch of weight and we hear about positonless basketball all the time. Slide him in there so you can slide 7'2" Bol Bol to small forward and let him just dominate. I mean it's working - granted it's against the Wizards who, I still have no idea why they are there. 

And listen, I understand it's an exhibition, but you think I care? We're watching basketball on a Wednesday afternoon. This is the happiest I've been in months. But we're going to see coaches roll out weird lineups because some guys will be limited in exhibitions and all that other shit. Plus, it's not like these games matter. 

This isn't that shocking from Bol Bol either. The dude has always been a unicorn and incredibly skilled. There are questions in terms of his defense and other parts of his game - not to mention his college career ended early due to injury, which is why he fell so far in the NBA Draft. But sliding him at that wing spot makes a ton of sense. All I know is I don't care if Jamal Murray plays, Nikola Jokic needs to be the starting point guard. Just give me that graphic before every Nuggets game.