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A Senator, Who Clearly Knows Exactly How Recruiting Works, Says We Can't Have Bidding Wars For Recruits During A Hearing On NIL

I legit laughed out loud at this. This is the problem with the NIL going through Senate hearings all this other shit. The NCAA fucked itself over by holding onto old school amateurism rules for way too long and now we have this. Imagine a world where there's a bidding war for recruits. Could you imagine? Imagine hearing about guys being offered more money to go to one school. Oh, wait a second: 

Or the thousands of other big time recruits that had a bidding war. That's recruiting! Recruiting is literally bidding what you can give that player over another program. This is common knowledge shit. I literally can't wrap my brain around the idea that a grown adult, voted to be a representative of people, doesn't know what recruiting is. By definition recruiting is a bidding war. 

This is also my problem with how people talk about name, image and likeness and college athletes getting paid. The top recruits already go to the best programs. Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia and Clemson all dominate football recruiting for a reason. Kentucky, Duke and Kansas all dominate basketball recruiting for a reason. What's going to change in recruiting? Nothing except people can be open about it and stop pretending like money isn't involved. 

It's just a no-brainer, man. Not to mention this is needed for college hoops as we are seeing different options start to pop up. Let's look at Creighton. Ty-Shon Alexander is a guy who was going to be a preseason All-American and Creighton would have been a top-5 team and a true national title contender. Instead he signed with an agent to stay in the NBA Draft. He's a borderline draft pick and a likely two-way contract. He'll make good money - $125,000 at least. But without him, Creighton isn't a true title contender. They aren't preseason top-5. They fall preseason top-20 and will be a fine team. If he could make money on his NIL and get like $50,000 while improving his draft stock and competing for a national title, you're way more likely to keep a guy like that. The list goes on and on for examples like this - Alexander is just the biggest one. Or you can say the same potentially with Luka Garza and Iowa. 

This isn't that tough, people. Stop looking at the government for this. Mark Emmert and the NCAA can change these rules pretty quickly on their own. This should have been changed years ago yet here we are.