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Delusional Red Sox Fans Actually Thought Mookie Was Coming Back To Boston

I'm sure by now you've seen the news. Mookie Betts got the bag and signed a 12 year extension in Boston Los Angeles for $350 million. Congrats to him for getting what he deserved, especially with fears of teams being unwilling to spend given the loss of revenue for this upcoming season. Betts is truly a generational talent who only comes around once in a blue moon. When you get hold of that type of player you never let him go. Ever. Even if there's a fire. The Red Sox needed to shed salary in hopes of resetting their luxury tax number and avoiding further penalties. In order to do that they traded Mookie along with David Price to the Dodgers for Alex Verdugo and Jeter Downs. 

The crazy thing to me was Red Sox fans actually believing Betts was going to make it to free agency and then opt to come back to Boston. Straight up delusional. You think you were just going to loan away one of the best players in the league and sign him back no problem? What was changing? The Sox had already low-balled him like five times, why would one season change anything? Especially when your organization, the third highest valued team in all of baseball, cried poor and did everything they could to avoid paying a luxury tax penalty? Nothing was going to change. Mookie owed that city nothing and took the bag. Good on him. 

All offseason (and it's been a long one) Carrabis told everyone on Twitter Mookie was coming back and that you were a fool to think otherwise. Don't let him tell you this was a hopeless schtick either. He whole heartedly believed it. These tweets are sad to look back on. 

All resulting in this. 

Fun times in Boston! At least you got Verdugo and Martin Perez! 

Okay I'm done, we've got a baseball season to start tomorrow. Buy a shirt.