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Report: Dan Snyder Has Made No Effort To Acquire The Rights To The Name "Red Wolves"


NBC Sports - As much as the name Red Wolves has gain popularity among fans and former players, the Washington football team reportedly has yet to take an important step toward securing the rights to use it.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s George Stoia reported Tuesday that Arkansas State University, which has held the trademark for “Red Wolves” since 2008, hasn’t been contacted by the NFL team regarding the name. According to one legal professional, that would likely have to happen before Washington could move forward with its rebrand.


If there is one thing most WFC fans can agree on, it's that we hope nothing but bad things happen to Daniel Snyder. But if there are TWO things we can agree on, it's that Red Wolves is far and away the most popular name to give to the rebranding franchise. There has been a ton of support for Red Wolves from fans of the team formerly known as the Redskins, with almost everyone in agreement it's much better than the previous front runner, "Warriors".

However, it seems as of now, there has been zero effort to try and work out a deal with Arkansas State, who holds the trademark for Red Wolves. Obviously with the NFL's deep pockets, they can make a deal with the University to share the name, build a library on their campus, and all will go home happy.

But this is Lil Dan Dan we are talking about. For starters, he doesn't do what the fans want. Red Wolves is the fan favorite, but it wasn't *his* idea, and that historically is a big issue. He does not do anything the people want. He does what HE wants. And two, he doesn't like making deals where he doesn't 100% win. He's not a compromise guy. He would rather use Red Wolves without permission from ASU and then absolutely bury them in lawyer and court fees. Like, decimate them. He'd rather spend $50 million out of spite than $5 million out of compromise. 

So that's actually a reason I don't think Red Wolves is dead...he might just not care about going through the proper channels. Maybe he'll just pick it, write a blank check to his lawyers, and have this drag out in court for the next 5 years. That would be the Dan Snyder way.

Or he'll just choose something stupid we all hate. Potato, potato.