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Wake Up With Joey Gallo Hitting A Ball Where One Has Never Been Hit Before

I love watching Joey Gallo hit baseballs, he's very good at it. He's also very good at hitting balls really far, like he did here. Had never been done before, in a game or BP. Gallo hits one ON TOP of the roof in right field at the old Rangers ballpark. Give me the launch angle on this one, you could see in the swing he was trying to put it up there and he had the perfect swing to do it. He legit may be the strongest person in baseball. I don't think he's ever hit a homer under 350 feet. Decent chance this balls hits the warehouse in Baltimore about halfway or more up there, I can't get over how damn high this one was. Rangers have had some lefties who could crush the ball too, and they could never do that. Not Raffy, not Hamilton, not Fielder, Gallo is the only person that has ever put a baseball up there. A crazy stat about Joey, 39% of his MLB hits have been home runs, he also only had 93 singles at the time when he hit his 100th career home run. Guy is basically a go wayyyy big or go home. I'd put my money on him hitting the farthest bomb this season.