You'll Never Believe This But That Freak Connor McDavid Decided To Get Even Faster During The Break

Rule #1 when Connor McDavid is out on the ice is that you can never, under any circumstances at all, turn the puck over in the neutral zone. Because by the time you're able to turn yourself around and get going the other way on the backcheck, McDavid already has your goalie sprawled out across the ice trying to figure out what the hell just happened as he tucks it away in the top bunk. 

And for the most part, everybody knows that already. But when the NHL starts back up again next weekend, you have to imagine some of these guys are going to be a little rusty after taking a few months off. You have to imagine that at the very least, the line chemistry is going to take a little while for most of these guys to find. So it just seems cruel and unusual that Connor McDavid would take that time off just to get even better and faster than he was before the break. And according to Tyler Ennis, that's the case. 

It's selfish, is what it really is. Maybe McDavid got faster, maybe everybody else got a little slower, maybe it's a combination of the two. The fact of the matter is that it feels like cheating to give Connor McDavid a 4-month break right before the playoffs for him to completely fill the gas tank back up. If the NHL really wanted this restart to be fair, they would have forced McDavid to hand over his skates during the quarantine. Give them back to him 24 hours before the first game without any edge on the blades. Instead, they just let this sick bastard just continue to evolve into a weapon of mass destruction. Have fun, Chicago.