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Going Out in Style: Gus Duggerton Wins Third BCS Title, Retires After Eight Seasons

That's it! Gus Duggerton has retired a BCS National Champion! After a 59-42 win over West Virginia, America's Coach has won three straight titles to finish this four-month long saga. 

While the spotlight was on Coach Duggs' retirement tonight, tons of credit should be handed to RB Cam Sandwich. After being sidelined for five weeks due to broken ribs, the tailback made a STATEMENT for the LSU Tigers.


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A legendary performance to say the least from Mr. Sandwich. But this game was not as simple as those touchdowns. We witnessed the return of Rage Cat...

But after that, we witnessed an unreal throw from Tiger QB Lil John Leblanc:

This certainly loosened up the LSU offense, as we all got to see Air Duggs have a couple last plays before the game ended...

The fourth quarter was a magical one for Coach Duggs and the Tigers. Eight seasons and more than 100 games later, Gus Duggerton's career is over...

... for now. 

That's right, the Badgers have an opening. Will Coach Duggs budge? Not for now, at least. A return would certainly be something. 

So, that's all for the Coach Duggs coverage. What a ride it has been, and I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we all have. Stay tuned for future streams on the PMT Twitch page. While Duggs may be done, Big Cat isn't. We will get more streams from him in different games soon.

For now, stay safe, and enjoy the return of real sports this week.