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VIDEO: Just An Incredible Job By This Aggie

There are a lot of bizarre traditions at Texas A&M. For example, there's the whole ball grabbing thing:

Another one often discussed is A&M alums bizarre obsession with their class rings. It defined the first few weeks of Kayce's Barstool experience. Of course, A&M didn't create the concept of a class ring, but boy have they embraced it. They even have a massive ring statue on campus:

How they celebrate receiving their rings is actually pretty cool, though. They dunk the ring in a pitcher of beer and then chug the whole thing before catching the ring in their mouth after they finish. I've seen some videos where this goes incredibly wrong. A young Aggie finds themselves throwing up before they get to the end of the pitcher. I know, classic Aggies. However, that wasn't an issue for this young lady though. She finished in under 13 seconds. I don't have my Aggie Ring Dunk dataset available, but this may be the fastest time by a female in A&M history (data set only goes back to 2003). Just truly incredible work out of her.