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'Bohemian Rhapsody' Rewritten Entirely in Baseball Names is Everything We Need Right Now

Aristotle once famously said, "No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness." And Getrude Stein said, “It takes a lot of time to be a genius. You have to sit around so much, doing nothing, really doing nothing.” 

And nothing illustrates these two principles like the work of @DonZemmer. Who is part artist, part baseball name savant, and possibly the sufferer of a crippling case of OCD, having done similar treatments of other songs, from "The Star Spangled Banner" to "Let it Go" from "Frozen" to "Baby Shark," all in baseball names. The amount of time and research it must take to translate even those relatively simple songs into names would stop a lesser man before he even began. But not this guy. 

And "Bohemian Rhapsody," as far as I can tell from my meager perusal of the Don Zemmer YouTube channel, is his magnum opus. There are such so many deep pulls and clever wordsmithing. From the use of Slim Mathers, who played one season for the Waterloo Hawks in the Mississippi Valley League in 1926 to  Al Mamaux (1913-27) and  Carlos Marmol (2006-14) for "mama," to Chih-Wei Hu for "Oo-oo-oo" to substituting "carry on" with both Mark Carreon and Camilo Carreon. There is simply no other word for it but "genius." But with plenty of adjectives like "deranged" and "insane." But it's genius nevertheless. 

The original "Bohemian Rhapsody" clocks in at just under six minutes. Which means we should have two more of these things before Zemmer is finished. Assuming he doesn't return to his home world first. In which someone will have to complete this masterwork, the way they did Mozart's unfinished "Requiem" after he died. This work is too important to leave undone.