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Bryson DeChambeau Just Hit A Casual 423-Yard BOMB At Muirfield Village

Hey remember a couple weeks ago when Bryson hit a 428-yard drive at Colonial but it wasn't actually a 428-yard drive because it wandered down the cart path for a good hour?

Well Bryson just hit an actual 423-yard drive at Muirfield Village

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.53.45 AM.png

No cart path help whatsoever. Just a real actual 423-yard drive. Holy fucking shit man. I know some people really hate this brand of golf. Driver, wedge, putt, birdie but not me. Bryson has turned into such a meathead freak that I can't look away. He's turned into golf's Frankenstein and it's must-see TV. Personally, I look forward to Bryson's first 500-yard drive.