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Kentucky's Assistant Coach Calls Out 'Tough Guy Coaches With Very Few W's' After Anonymous Coaches Blasted The Game Of UK Players

Our guy Sam Vecenie, a friend of the site and someone who is one of the best draft experts out there, wrote a pretty long piece talking to college coaches across the country that played against Kentucky and broke down the games of the guys leaving for the NBA. Most of it is pretty accurate and some of it complimentary. However, there's some serious bashing of their games. Right or wrong, these dudes are calling guys like Ashton Hagans trash. I don't even disagree that part of Hagans' defensive game is overrated, especially off the ball, but trash? 

Well, let's defer to Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus here: 

That's my (assistant) coach! To quote Cool Runnings, we don't take no shit from anyone! Who cares if there's a little truth in the fact that Hagans gambles way too much defensively and while steal numbers are impressive, he gets stuck in a bad spot breaking down the defense. You ride or die for your guys that *checks notes* won the SEC by multiple games. Just that pesky 25-6 team that went 15-3 in conference play. Shame to have that sort of trash on your roster, I guess. 

Oh and if that doesn't make you hate Kentucky even more, since most people reading aren't Kentucky fans, hearing Coach Cal talk about his roster for this upcoming season will do it: 

God, I love this team. Gold. Standard.