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In Honor Of Spongebob Squarepants Turning 34, Here Are 34 Of My Favorite Moments From Him

You don't need a license to drive a sandwich, but you do need a license to prove that it's your birthday! I love Spongebob as much, if not, actually no. I definitely love Spongebob more than you! I watched this hero religiously everyday after school, late night on the weekends, anytime really. My friends and I still reference his quotes each day and with today's world, there's truly a Spongebob reference for everything! Remember when Kevin Durant was battling that injury during the 2019 NBA playoffs? That was just one of many.

I remember watching the first episode 'Help Wanted' at my old house. I must've been 3 or 4 years old, too young to realize I was watching a living legend. To honor this fictional icon, here are 34 of my favorite moments from Spongebob Squarepants off the top of my head.

1. East? I Thought You Said Weast!

I think this was the moment when I knew no other cartoon was topping this show.

2. Sweet Victory

An absolute banger. 

3. P.O.O.P (People Order Our Patties)

Ohhh, Poop!

4. E.V.I.L (Every Villain Is Lemon)

This is one of those it's so stupid it's hilarious scenes.  

5. Did You Say Chocolate?

Classic with a capital C.

6. Not The Navy! 

7. The Lid

8. The Magic Conch Shell

The things I would ask if the Magic Conch Shell was real. It would go like this:

"Magic Conch Shell, will I ever get some coochie?"


9. What? It's Just An Ordinary Krabby 

10. My Sandwich Is A Fried Boot

No pun intended but as the kids say these days, this scene was "fried".

11. He Was Number One!

Shoutout Cam Newton! Only the OG's remember Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. 

12. Spongebob Vs Bubble Bass

One of the greatest rivals in history. The greatest frycook under the sea vs the greatest cheater. 

13. SpongeBob and Patrick ROASTING Texas

Hopefully Kayce doesn't watch this.

14. What's Better Than 24? 25

This is going to be the first episode I show my deformed kids.

15. Patrick, Is That You?

One of the most slept on scenes. 

16. If Brandon Walker Was Apart Of The Plankton Family

17. Krabs Is A **

We'll never know what curse word was written on that dumpster, will we? 

18. Could I Get Some Extra Salt?

Squidward Tentacles. What a dick.

19. What I Learned In Boating School

20. Indoors Song

Take it away Penny! 

21. Ice Cubes

April Fools, jerk.

22. Even Squidward Misses You!

23. Future

24. As You Can See By This Graph

25. Bubble Buddy 

26. Nasty Patty



28. Welcome To The Salty Spitoon How Tough Are Ya?




31. Stupid Town

My favorite GIF to use on Twitter when someone acts stupid!

32. I Don't Need It

33. Free Balloon Day

34. The Question Everyone's Wondering

That's just a handful of the best moments from the best cartoon show ever created. Happy 34th Spongebob! Your episodes today aren't the same, but you'll forever be a legend in my book.