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Josh Gordon Wants To Play For The Redskins


Interesting, interesting. First of all, terrible news for Kelvin Harmon. As a 6th round rookie last season he finished the year with 30 catches for 365 yards and looked poised to have a big season as a compliment to Terry McLaurin. Without Harmon, the Skins have a hole at that apparently the newly reinstated Josh Gordon would like to fill. And Dwayne Haskins is on board as well.

We know...ok we think we know Josh Gordon can still play. We don't know if he can stay clean. And I don't say that mockingly or anything, we just don't know. But as long as he is eligible to be on an NFL roster, he will get a fuck it, why not? We need weapons on offense, Gordon is looking for a shot, and Haskins seems interested as well. 

Antonio Gandy-Golden looks to have a ton of promise, but it wouldn't be the worst thing to bring in the vet to provide instant credibility opposite of McLaurin. Haskins throws a great deep ball, Gordon *catches* a great deep ball, what's there not to love? 

So hey. I said the same about AB...let's get nuts. I'm all for it. #Flash2DC

PS: They really need to tell me what the new name is because I didn't know how to title this blog. "Josh Gordon Wants To Play For The Team Formerly Known As The Redskins" seems so tacky. Just give me the new name ya dinks. And make it Red Wolves.