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South Africa Is Banning Alcohol In An Effort Stop Spread Of Coronavirus, Making It The Worst Place On Earth

"There are a number of people who have taken to organising parties, who have drinking sprees, and some who walk around crowded spaces without wearing masks," said the president.

The alcohol ban comes just weeks after another three-month ban was lifted in an effort to prevent drunken fighting, cut domestic violence and eliminate weekend binge-drinking prevalent across South Africa.

Doctors and police say the previous ban contributed to a sharp drop in emergency admissions to hospital.

When this pandemic spread across the globe and shut down EVERYTHING that we love about being alive, the collective reaction of the world's population was

Which is understandable and fine if you ask me

It's not fine if you ask South Africa's government. The leading cause of Covid-19 spreading in South Africa, and I would guess every other country too, is people having a good time. The leading cause of having a good time is alcohol. South Africa is trying to take out the good times and hope that covid-19 goes away with it. There's some logic to that. I get it. Less alcohol, less social gatherings, and straight up less bad decisions. Makes sense. Having said that...South Africa is now officially the worst place in the world. I am pretty sure even North Korea will their people have a few pops while locked in their homes. We are closer to seems that way, at least. But if you're in South Africa and you barely have sports to begin with besides rugby and now you're not allowed to drink how are you supposed to live? Everyone needs a vice. Everyone needs a hobby. Everyone needs the option to dull their own existence with some booze. No alcohol means South Africa is probably the last place on Earth I'd ever want to quarantine. Without alcohol South Africa has two things. 1) vuvuzelas and 2) wildlife that will eat you

That is no way to live. Stay inside and stare at the wall...sober. Go outside and get your face ripped off. Go for a swim and have Jaws throw your ass to the moon before chomping your guts when you fall back to earth. I am all for ending covid-19. I hate coronavirus. All kinds. I want it gone. Having said that...let's not make an enemy out of the only medicine we have...booze. Let the people live, South Africa. 

PS: Every time South Africa comes up I think of the documentary "Searching For Sugarman". Crazy story about this musician Rodriguez from Detroit became a ICON in South Africa selling MILLIONS of records, but he never knew it because his albums flopped in the US and South Africa was closed off to the world in the 1970s and 80s. Highly recommend and it's on Netflix.