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Nick Wright Declares That If The Lakers Win The Title Then LeBron Will Tie Michael Jordan With 6 Rings

I can't do it. I just can't quit this dude. Every single day I refresh my timeline and it's some new bullshit. First it was that the Celtics have a 0% chance at the title despite being a top 4-5 team in the NBA. Then he said Jayson Tatum can't be good because Luke Kennard shoots 0.1% better than him from three. Those I could deal with because I understand Nick Wright is a Celtics troll.

But this? This is almost too much even for me. 

Here's the thing. He's not kidding. This is something he whole heartedly believes. I truly think Nick Wright is the final boss of LeBron Stan twitter. You've seen those accounts, the faceless ones that are like @LeBronGoat23, I have no doubt that's Nick Wright. Every single one of them. He's irrational when it comes to LeBron, but how is anyone able to utter those words with a straight face? I'm still trying to understand his rationale so let's take it slow.

- LeBron got 2 rings when he came back from 3-1 against the Warriors

- LeBron gets 2 rings this year because of all the injuries and the bubble

Think about what you just read. Some will say this is all just a joke and he's just trolling so that people like me will write this blog, and maybe part of that is true. He definitely says it so the internet reacts, but this is also something deep in your heart you know Nick Wright 100% believes. Under no circumstances would he ever consider this argument for any other player in the league other than LeBron, but like I said, this is what he is programmed to do. 

I loved the "Giannis had time to get healthy and all this other stuff happened" as if the Lakers are the only team in the league that are going to have to deal with the bubble. The Lakers didn't get to rest during that time off? How unfortunate for them. 

I know we should all just ignore things like this, but this type of stupidity cannot go unchecked. We live in a society.