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Juice On The Loose! Wake Up With OJ Simpson Being Chased In His Ford Bronco

Yesterday Ford announced the release of the 2021 Bronco and people went nuts. Dave was tweeting about it, Coley wrote about it, it was all over the internet. And while I'm equally excited for the white trash icon that is the Ford Bronco to come back, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the event that catapulted it into infamy- "Juice On The Loose" aka the OJ Simpson Bronco chase of 1994. It's crazy to think that a guy who just (allegedly) slit his wife's throat and murdered her lover in cold blood was treated with such respect. The chase itself lasted 45 minutes and ended with Simpson pulling into this own driveway and eventually surrendering to police. OJ's Bronco is said to be worth up to $500k today and was once on sale for $1.3 million. The new Bronco will be available for just $30k. Here's some raw footage of the chase. Have a great day!