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Former NBA Player Joe Young Just Scored 74 Points (With 0 Assists) Over In China While No One Else On His Team Shot More Than 6 Times

I love when shit like this comes up. Don't get me wrong, scoring 74 points in any sort of game is damn impressive. But look at the list of dudes that have gone over to China and lit it up. Quincy Douby! The pride of Rutgers! Jimmer, the Great White Shark as penned by Donnie. And now Joe Young. The dude could play too! I mean shit, he was a 2nd round pick, played a few years with the Rockets and Pacers. He was an All-American at Oregon and Pac-12 Player of the Year. 

But the real gem here is the 0 assists and no one else on his team shooting more than 6 times. What are they going to say to him? Stop scoring? I don't think so. When you have a guy that's hot, you have to feed him the rock and expect to not get it back. Plus look at the clips. He's not forcing shit. He's just cooking dudes. 

This is really just everyone's secret dream that plays hoops, right? Sure people want to win titles and have all that team success. But you're lying if you played hoops at any level and didn't dream of having a game with the green light like this. Everyone dreams of hitting the game-winning shot. No one dreams of making the smart, extra pass for someone else to have the win. No, you want to have the green light and know that whatever you're putting up is going in.

Obligatory video: