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#FeelGoodFriday: Watch This Guy Go From Thinking He Got An Apple Watch For His Birthday To Getting Surprised With A New Puppy

Talk about a range of emotions! Thinking you got an Apple Watch for your birthday to thinking your wife got hoodwinked/bamboozled/led astray/run amok/flat out deceived by some schmuck on eBay that sold her a dog collar to having one of the goodest boys on God's green Earth placed in your lap. I spent my entire adult life with Eli Manning as my team's quarterback and that rollercoaster was crazy even for me.

Surprise Grade: B+. I know you are wondering why I gave such a low grade for such a well done surprise? Simple. This lady had a bowl of chocolates laying around all willy nilly that Monty was locked in on mere milliseconds after he was placed ins his new best friend's arms.


That video had enough twists and turns as it is. We don't need potentially a dog gobbling down a whole bunch of chocolate.

Actually you know what? It's Feel Good Friday and you can't be a sour puss while looking at Monty's adorable face, listening to his owner's adorable accent, or watching these videos of Monty's first days in his new home.

Adjusted Surprise Grade: A+. Happy Friday everybody and welcome home Monty.