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Red Wolves Is Gaining Momentum And I'm Beginning To Wonder If There Is A Chance It Actually Happens


I gotta say, I fully expected the name to be Warriors or Red Tails from the jump. The Warriors name had been the heavy favorite until the report came out that there wouldn't be any Native American imagery with the new name/logo. I started thinking how funny it would be if the name came completely out of left field. Just something very random and hilarious like Washington Owls. So stupid. It reminds me of dogs who have human names. Makes me laugh every time when people name their dog "Jim". I would laugh every time I said Washington Owls. 

But if it can't be owls, I certainly am on board for Red Wolves.




It seems like most fans on Redskins Twitter support the name. It's unique, keeps the "red" which helps keep some of the Redskins history (and keep the "R" in HTTR), and like Smooty said, howling is awesome. 



So the question is, would Dan Snyder go with a name that fans support? That he didn't come up with himself? That's the biggest question of all time. Would he ever do something universally loved? The support for Red Wolves has been completely organic, just tweets building up on each other, and I'd venture to say 90% of them are in favor. Just pay whomstever that graphic designer is that made the Wolf-shaped R all of the millions of dollars for the rights to it and everyone goes home happy. Will it happen? I doubt it. It'll probably be Warriors. But I love the push Red Wolves is getting…and who knows? Maybe Dan Dan can shock the world and do something the fans like for once.