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Fred Smoot's Idea To Change The Name To The Washington Red Wolves Is Actually Pretty Sick




Gotta say, don't hate that at all. Not even a little bit. Wasn't the first or second or 10th name I thought they would ever change the name to, but it's pretty bad ass. I feel everyone is so concerned with keeping the name as close to Redskins as possible (Red Tails/Warriors seem to be the front runners right now) but Red Wolves...I like it. You can keep the colors while completely rebranding. That's the dream right? And it's unique. I don't know of any other team out there called the Red Wolves. And they can just blast the NWO music the entire game. What a win-win-win.

I think the easy change would be Warriors. Red Tails is good in theory but I don't love it. Hogs would make sense and I think we would all be able to live with it. People love tradition and nothing is more traditionally Redskins than the Hogs. 

Imagine if Fred Smoot, Love Boat Smooty, is responsible for the new name? That's be amazing. It's worth changing it to the Red Wolves just based on that alone. What a legacy Fred Smoot would leave behind. The Love Boat and renaming the Skins. First ballot HOF stuff.