The New Redskins Name Will Not Use Native American Imagery, But They Will Keep The Burgundy And Gold


I was thinking about this and it makes a lot of sense, right? There is no reason to change the name if you're going to continue to use Native American imagery. What's the point of a half measure here? You just want to rid yourself and your franchise of this, rebrand, and be done with it. And as I've said, it's perfect timing for Dan Snyder. He finally has a chance to rehabilitate his image and change his legacy. 




He's spent the last 20 years destroying football in DC, so now he can turn it around. And it's the perfect time- the team has a ton of young talent, he's working on getting a new stadium, the coaching staff is competent with a proven track record, and now he can spend the next 2 decades trying to win back fans by winning. 

People who say things like "If they change the name I won't be a fan anymore" baffle me. Being one of the worst teams in football, going down to Cleveland Browns levels of mediocrity didn't stop you from rooting for them, but a simple name change will? Talk about missing the mark.

And besides, keeping the burgundy and gold is clutch. It seems like the leader in the clubhouse right now is to rename them the "Warriors". But based on the report about no Native American imagery, I'm not sure if that rules Warriors out or not. I do think it'd be hilarious if they completely bring in a name out of left field. Right now I'm rooting for Washington Owls. Hoot hoot motherfuckers! Either that or Smoot's idea for Red Wolves.



Nah, fuck it, let's go Owls.