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Ranking The Top 5 Best Faucets In The World From Worst To Best

Maybe it's just me, but I'm very picky when it comes to washing my hands on a certain faucet. Depending on what handles I have to use, a faucet can make or ruin my day. I'm confident in saying I've used them all. From the small knobs in gas station bathrooms, to the motion sensored faucets in restaurants/stadiums, to the fancy ass "q" shaped knobs found in your rich friends bathroom, I've taken many mental notes in my head and have ranked the top 5 types of faucets to wash your hands.

5. The Push Down 

Easily the worst and most inconvenient faucet known to man. Who ever invented these were bullied in the high school bathrooms before 5th period. I already feel punished for having to take a shit in a store like Best Buy where the bathrooms are never cleaned, why do I have to push down a handle for 3 reps of 3 seconds to wash my hands? After your first push the handle down, you're already getting soap on the handle and now you have to wipe that off! Oh, and the water pressure always sucks! Nothing good about the push down faucet.

4. Hands Free Faucet

You might be shocked why I have the hands free faucet ranked at #4, but I truly think it's as irritating as the push down. The motion sensor is without a doubt the safest faucet when it comes to battling germs, but everytime I try to use these guys, I can never get my hand to register the censor on the first try. I'll start off with the back side of my hand a few inches away from the faucet, to throwing up the peace sign, to eventually swiping my hand left and right like I'm on Tinder until the sensor finally realises there's a human standing in front of it and finally releases the water. The water pressure is always either too much or too little, never in between. It's a hassle but I suppose it's better than getting sick.

3. The Long Neck Faucet (Shoutout Daddy Long Neck)

Most commonly installed in the kitchen sink, the Long Neck faucet doesn't fuck around. No other faucet gets hot as fast as this guy, and no other faucet can fuck up you day when the water pressure comes BURSTING down, bouncing off a dirty plate you had from last night, and quickly attacks your shirt like your sitting in the Splash Zone at Seaworld. You could damn near take a shower with this thing, but it makes sense since puppies and small animals have baths under this Long Neck. I love cleaning plates with the Long Neck, but if you're clumsy like me, you're going to have to change a shirt or two after turning on this monster. 

2. The Single Handle Faucet

This was very tough to put at #1, but the Single Handle Faucet never fails to satisfy me. One lift and your ready to destroy all the germs on your hands. The only problem I have with some of these is they dont have the red or blue colors on them indicating which side is hot or cold. I've had a few instances where if I wanted hot water, I'd have to turn it up left, vice versa. Hot is always left, and cold is always right. And if you live by this standard, then you already know what's coming in at #1.

1. The Double Handle Faucet


The OG Facet! Everyone grew up on this faucet! I've never had one bad experience using Ol Reliable! Just the perfect amount of water pressure, the easiness of twisting the handles, everything about this faucet makes me smile. Although I have the duck looking handles, I always enjoyed using the L shaped handles too. 

Bonus: The Double Knob Faucet

There's something about these double handles that always give me trouble. For me, it either takes a little while to get the hot water going, or it's a complete bitch to twist and turn these tittie looking handles. Not to mention the squeak that's annoying as scratching your nails on a chalkboard. These are as old school as they get, but thankfully I've been done with school for a year and don't plan on going back. 

At the end of the day, these faucets work their ass off for us. We should be thankful for all of them and appreciate their power and drive to make hygiene clean.  What's your favorite faucet to use?